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Monday, October 29, 2007

tango issue #two

A while ago someone on tv said among other things that "tango is for people born old". I believe he shed quite a gloomy light on tango in that interview.

Well.. I must disagree with him. If anything the tango is for people who never grow old (not that they die, of course). As I see it It's not that heavy world filled with regret and nostalgia. Yes It has very powerful emotions. I guess tango as a whole it's beyond it's lyrics. One of the reasons it's so addictive is that it has quite a few facets. It can be depressive or it can be bliss. One thing always leads to another, which might be quite the opposite.

Sometimes it's the milonga floor sometimes it's the milonga crowd sometimes it's the young and the old it's the music the lyrics the embrace the cadencia the etiquette the woman. Above all it's a feeling. And a rather joyful one and not at all suicidal I might add. You may actually have some fun. :)

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  1. I simply cannot imagine how one could picture something as passionate as tango as being for those old at heart.