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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's lions I tell ya

Having a walk home. Feeling like the longest trip you've ever taken. Cold and foggy is the night. Tricky street lamps tempt you to feel comfortable and secure. You keep walking, not a soul in sight. You have to get home but you don't hurry. A stray barking from afar kinda keeps your senses awake. It's all so quiet. Loosing the love to the fog, a living dead disappearing into the mist. Or be left guttered by knife by the pavement the only thing you can do is fake warmth, keep silent and wait.

For all we do is dance. The closest embrace you can think of. The most elegant step you may ever take for it may be the last. Breathe, for you're not to waste your breath. Take your time, for your step should not be hasted. Feel her for all those souls can feel no more. Touch her dreams and lead the music for the music would lead you back.

Whisper, step, whisper, step, step,... hold...

For all we do is dance.