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Sunday, December 23, 2007

less than a week

Guys, thanks a lot for writing. I haven't had the time to post anything or reply, It's been a hellish time doing my best to put everything in order, finishing projects, etc... The few free moments that I had I spent reading blogs (esp. on BsAs) rather than writing. The more I read the more I let go and agree with sallycat about BsAs beeing in the soul of the beholder.

Now It's a little bit more calm, though there are many friends coming and leaving and I want to see them all before we split again. I'm thinking less and less about the trip, sort of letting it go with the flow. I don't have any ideea about what to take with me (I'm pretty sure the luggage will be grabbed in an hour or so) and I hope they loose my stuff so I can have a good reason for not having all the stuff I need :D There is a birthday party right the night before I leave, I think I'll spend the first flight minding my hangover.

Now, everyone could you please have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones :) Thank you.

May your new year be full of tango!