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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Otra noche en La Viruta

... not quite. But Otros Aires was in Bucharest! Even if it was a private event for Stella Artois Romania we managed to get in (yes, tango people are well connected, yay). At the Bragadiru Palace there was this large beautiful ballroom all dressed up for the event.

They came and they played. And we danced. The mood was fantastic, at least for us who danced. The location, them, us, everything was just right. That night had the spirit of any good milonga in Buenos Aires. After the concert it got even better (we went to the Milonga de Aviation - sshhh, coming soon) All I can say is that I've met yet more fine people from Argentina, I just hope they felt at least a little bit like home.


Marking the event, the first post in English from LaSastresa here

Otros Aires

The location (Bragadiru Palace)

Some of us

Phone movie