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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ney & Jennifer were here

First contact.
These wonderful pages.. I've been enjoying them for quite some time now. So many colors, so many people. I swap them with my friends and then we try to act like those guys in the pages. On the page each box has as still drawing in it, but we know better. There's a whole world between the boxes.

But I'm growing up they say. Slowly I'm beginning to understand those funny things with no pictures. Letters they say. Wreadin'.. I don't know them all and I have to read each and every one aloud but they're starting to make sense... and we have all those pages neatly tied together with so many words up on those shelves, my folks say I have to grow up some more to read those.

The other day the most curious thing happened. Me and my friends were alone for the whole day at home. We've been planning on this. We sneaked up on those shelves and got one of those books. We opened it... carefully... and we read.

By the time the grow-ups came back we read a whole page. Letter by letter. By ourselves. Wooow. For some days after we were just... silent. Mesmerized. And curious. And happy.
And we have to learn to read and write beautiful words like those on that page. And to grow up.

Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt

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