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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

tango issue #one

I was reading this post on Sorin's Blog and I was wondering...

As I said before It's a small tango community here. Let's say 50 (I stand corrected if I'm wrong). So learning tango is very much like learning to drive in your grandparents 20 house village. What happens when you eventually hit the highway? Or the big city traffic? I'll get a lot of horns (it's a latin thing) and sweet words for sure..

We have little choice here on a regular basis. If we want other people we pretty much have to travel abroad. Which is ok. Then again... I'm not yet sure how dancing in the same relatively small crowd impacts one's skills.

I must admit I was a bit scared of not learning the proper technique. There has been no choice but to trust my gut feeling and obviously my teacher. Fortunately, the fear dissipated with Ney and Jennifer's visit here.

For now I sit quietly in my spot waiting for BsAs this winter :)


  1. You are not the only one wondering if what you are doing is ok or wrong, but, in time it will disappear, I've seen that before to others.

    I would say trust your feelings, and search for more, check the information with several sources, you will find what you need.

  2. But besides the questions and the lack of real choice, there are good things you can choose to concentrate on. Not that many people means there is a chance for them to get to know each other better and get close, turning it all into a family-like experience. Sure, you don't like them all that much, but you can count on them all being there with you :P

    Just an outsider's two cents :)

  3. Ney spoke very highly to me of the tango community in Romania. It sounds like there are some very talented and dedicated dancers there!