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Friday, March 14, 2008

on Buenos Aires (I)

The mecca of tango. The city of tango. The people of tango. The fascinating city. The nation who came up with the ideea. A too short experience. A too long longing to come.

The first day there I thought I was home. I had this peculiar feeling that everybody I know is actually living next door. Friends, family, they were all naturally supposed to be just a few blocks away, yet I was an ecuator and an ocean apart from them. One understands circumstances through one's own experiences, true. However this city has an universality of it's own. The good, the bad, the ugly an the ever beautiful all come together here. It's a city of all people and I suppose that's how tango was born. The elements are all here. This place and everything in it, It is tango.

Wherever you go whatever you do everything is in the air. You can feel the mood of every esquina at any given hour of the day. And after a while you know the streets, you don't need a map, it's all so commonly there. Like home. Like a lover whom you've grown to know by heart yet you never get bored, you never want to leave nor forget.

to be continued...


  1. Well, I envy you even more now :) You've described everything so amazingly, I can't wait to get there one day! When's the next entry on this topic? When are you uploading photos? :D

  2. Have you ever thought of a life back there? :)
    It`s sounds very tempting!

  3. I`ve been thinking myself a lot about this special relation, connection between bs as `s atmosphere and the one that we already kind of known it from what tango meant to us from the begining.
    I am still thinking about it :) and when I`ll have a little spare time I will like to comment that.
    thanks for bringing again the problem on the spot. I really enjoy talk about this!


  4. I have promised to come back:)
    First, I had myself the feeling like being home “en mi tierra” in Buenos Aires.
    I could say: great people, big hearts, big souls, very friendly and talking familiar to everybody, yes, I could say because of all these Buenos Aires was like home, but it is more than that.

    I think the reason we all experienced this kind of feeling is the tango music. For everybody in this trip, Bs As was a Mecca for tango like you already said. And like the immigrants from all over the world, in the beginning of tango music, we have experienced, over the centuries, the same way of living, of understanding: through music. We breathe the same air full of tango atmosphere, so full of joy for us. Because of tango, I felt like home in Paris, in Budapest, in Istanbul also…and probably it will be same in any other corner of this world!

    And the most recent example - Otros Aires concerting in Bucharest! (Yes, it happened for real and we have many proofs:))
    What made the difference between us, the tango dancers, and the rest of guests, non-dancing people?
    We knew Bs As before going there, through its music, Bs As let us know him long before that.
    We didn’t choose tango, tango chose us…remember? :)

    I felt an impulse to write this comment, sorry if I didn’t make myself so clear.

  5. I traveled to Buenos Aires for the first time in March 1996. I felt as if I had come home. Subsequent visits during 1997-98 made me realize that I wanted to live in Buenos Aires, so I left Chicago in February 1999. The people here made me feel so at home in a country where I had to learn their language in order to survive. I did and I have...for almost ten years.